Message from our Director

The Union for International Cancer Control Asia Regional Office (UICC-ARO) was established in 2006 as the first regional office of the UICC with the support of the UICC President at the time, Dr. Franco Cavalli, and following the approval of the UICC Board of Directors. UICC-ARO supports the further development and activation of the UICC movement in Asia and aims to promote activities that strengthen cooperation and collaboration among organizations that are working to overcome cancer in Asia. From its establishment until 2012, UICC-ARO was headed by Dr. Malcolm A. Moore. Following Dr. Moore’s desire to concentrate his activities exclusively on editing of the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (APJCP), I have succeeded him as director of UICC-ARO.

As director of UICC-ARO I believe that in order to raise the level of cancer treatment in Asia, we must not only concentrate on the medical nature of the disease, but also take a more macro perspective that takes into account the social determinants of cancer in Asia, including social structures, culture and economy. In the field of medical sociology, economic and social conditions have come to be widely considered as factors that determine people’s health, otherwise known as social determinants of health (SDH). However, in recent years, while cancer treatment itself has become increasingly specialized and focused on “micro” aspects of medicine, including the use of molecular targeted therapies, society as a whole has not given a great deal of thought to impact of cancer. Now is the time to look to the long term and work to share a common recognition of the current status of cancer as a social challenge for Asia, based on the “social determinants of cancer in Asia,” working to address the issue not in purely medical terms, but through interdisciplinary and cross-boundary discussions.

Hideyuki Akaza, M.D.
Department of Strategic Investigation on Comprehensive Cancer Network,
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
Deputy General Secretary of APFOCC
Director of UICC-ARO